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HAZ DE LUZ de Rosanna Casano

15 de April de 2023 - 11 de May de 2023
DSCF9377 Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona HAZ DE LUZ de Rosanna Casano

The artist Rosanna Casano opens her second solo exhibition at Pigment Gallery

For this occasion, Casano presents a new series of oil paintings on paper under the title “Haz de Luz”.

According to the artist, painting is stopping time, making it material, an exercise in perseverance and attention to transformations. For this reason, through her pieces, Casano builds spaces of reminiscence, places of memory, bathed in a permanent timelessness.

During the creation process, Rosanna endows the work with a mineral texture over a previous layer of very thin oil. This texture created through her lines endows her works with an irregular relief through which the artist draws the memory of an atavistic time. This process provides the work with a story -even its own-, a moment that remains recorded and becomes a window for the viewer to follow her own path.

Casano’s works are characterized by the formal basis of geometry and the predominance of textures. The pieces in this series are offered as a visual game where abstraction and figuration converge, creating an atmosphere of wonder in the face of color and matter. This ambiguity and multiplicity give freedom to those who see the work to make their own interpretation of it.

The title “Haz de Luz” (Beam of Light) refers to an impetus of clarity and unused light. In this exhibition Casano uses more vibrant and clear tones than those used in previous pieces. This selection responds to her own intuition, allowing each color to transmit something different to her and then translate it into the work. The result is this light effect that floods the exhibition.

  • Date: 15 de April de 2023 - 11 de May de 2023
  • Location:Trafalgar 70, 08010, Barcelona
  • Curators:Rosanna Casano

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