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Un lugar sin ruido by Diego Benéitez

26 de June de 2024 - 2 de August de 2024
DBZ La verdad del alma 2024 80x120 cm Mixed media on wood Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona Un lugar sin ruido by Diego Benéitez

On his first solo show in Barcelona, Diego Benéitez gives time the supporting quality of the work by creating open spaces that, when met with the viewer’s gaze, acquire a new dimension as a container of emotions supported by a succession of experiences, memories and intuitions.

He projects, from the stillness of its landscapes, a sensory effect that reaches the pores of the viewer’s skin, turning them into an key to access a world of sensations that the artist expresses with his poetics of space as a container of a time retained to be habitable.  He surprises with suggestive architectures under atmospheres colonized by silk mists. The peaceful universes of his landscapes offer intimate spaces immersed in worlds that inspire mirages, as an emotional oasis, numbing physical sensations to enhance spiritual peace. It is a process of immersion from the abstract dimension of reality whose imperative is the recognition of the poetic moment by knowing oneself as an inhabitant of that dimension. It is the moment in which the magic of interaction simultaneously becomes a support for the work and a container for the artist’s message.

Text by María José Salazar

  • Date: 26 de June de 2024 - 2 de August de 2024
  • Location:Trafalgar, 70
  • Curators:Diego Benéitez

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