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Pigment Gallery was founded in Barcelona in 2016 by Ferran Josa with the intention of connecting with a public sensitive to the changes taking place in the art world and in the world in general.

Committed to aspects such as climate change, education, respect for the environment and the empowerment of women, the gallery has held several exhibitions and collaborations that point in this direction. Its line of work consists of contemporary artists, including promising young artists and more established artists from the Spanish and international scene. Its careful selection, the fruit of the eclectic taste of its founder, starts from a modern figuration and enters into other currents where we can find works by artists influenced by American abstraction, material informalism, or abstract geometries.

With an important presence in the international market through participation in fairs such as ArtParis, Kiaf in Seoul or Estampa, among others, Pigment currently has two galleries in the city of Barcelona, a small gallery in Palma de Mallorca, and the recently opened Pigment  Paris in the Marais district.
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About Ferran Josa

“Art lover, globetrotter and a self-made gallerist.” La Vanguardia

Ferran Josa (Paris, 1969) decided to open Pigment Gallery in 2016 after 16 years as deputy director of Sala Parés, the oldest art gallery in Spain. His mission is to connect contemporary art with anyone who has sensitivity and restlessness to explore the richness that lies behind an artwork. He claims that we must value art, as it is part of our collective soul and personal heritage. And with that purpose, he opened a gallery in Paris in 2021.

“The exhibitions must always try to surprise the visitor. Anyone who feels a certain interest in the art world will connect with the artistic line we propose, somewhat eclectic, but based on my personal selection. From the gallery, what we try to do is to sell enthusiasm to each person, because in the end, you are the ones who build your own collection. I have never considered myself a seller of paintings, just an advisor who helps in the process. The final decision is always the client’s”.

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