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Our art gallery in Barcelona

Pigment Gallery was founded in Barcelona in 2016 by Ferran Josa with the intention of connecting with an audience sensitive to the changes taking place in the art world and the world in general.

Committed to issues such as climate change, education, respect for the environment or the empowerment of women, the gallery has held several exhibitions and collaborations that point in this direction. Its line of work, made up of contemporary artists, includes promising young artists and more established artists from the Spanish and international scene. Its careful selection, the result of the eclectic taste of its founder, starts from a modern figuration and goes into other currents where we can find works by artists heirs of American abstraction, material informalism or abstract geometries.

With an important presence in the international market through participation in fairs such as ArtParis, Kiaf in Seoul or Estampa, among others, Pigment currently has two galleries in the city of Barcelona, a small gallery in Palma de Mallorca and the recently opened Pigment Paris in the Marais district.



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