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23 de April de 2024 - 19 de May de 2024
MFU Flor no 214 18 2024 24x19 cm Watercolor on paper Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona Inflorescencia

With the Inflorescence exhibition, Pigment Gallery literally covers its headquarters in Barcelona with flowers during the spring of 2024 with an artistic dialogue between three creators: Marcelo Fuentes, Rosa Artero and Patricia Schmidt. The exhibition is a unique proposal that brings Fuentes and Artero’s flower paintings together with Schmidt’s three-dimensional hyperrealistic sugar flowers, a reference in the field of creative pastry. Both the paintings and the sugar flowers invite us to contemplate the beauty of flowers, which in nature are absolutely ephemeral and fragile. Instead, these three artists turn flowers into permanent objects, in an attempt to capture forever that unique flower created by nature and to stop the passage of time. In the exhibition, the flowers created by the three participating artists are distributed throughout the space in a permanent dialogue between them all and also weave a kind of inflorescence, in this case artistic. It is the first time that painting and creative pastry are exhibited together in an art gallery in Barcelona

  • Date: 23 de April de 2024 - 19 de May de 2024
  • Location:Trafalgar 70
  • Curators:Marcelo Fuentes, Rosa Artero y Patricia Schmidt

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