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Verso-Reverso by Patricio Reig

2 de November de 2023 - 11 de January de 2024
PRG Verso Reverso IV 2022 57x39 cm Analog photography printed in pigmented ink on various documents Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona Verso-Reverso by Patricio Reig

“I don’t know any other way to stop time. Only through photograpy does life stand in front of me and stay still so I can contemplate it. It’s worth it, it’s a daily exercise that makes existence more bearable and allows me to know a little better the origin and meaning of reality. Why? I often ask myself hoping one day I will find the answer.

But this system (which is actually a trick) is not exclusive to the visual field; “Also with words one can enclose the brutal temporal force to isolate it through texts that aspire to perpetuity.”

Patricio Reig, Milán, 2023

  • Date: 2 de November de 2023 - 11 de January de 2024
  • Curators:Patricio Reig

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