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Poetizar la Materia de Francesca Poza

24 de January de 2024 - 10 de March de 2024
IMG 20230416 082509 002 Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona Poetizar la Materia de Francesca Poza

In this exhibition the artist works around memory, oblivion and permanence. Her work is fueled by the idea of memory and getting lost and she reflects on the fine line that separates being from not being. From this way of making and telling stories, assuming the ephemeral nature of those around us and ourselves, works are born that create a poetics embodied in different aspects of creativity.
Francesca Poza uses cotton or Hahnemühle paper and utensils linked to engraving in her works. These fabrics intermingle with the words and the subtlety of the thread organizes time, the bond, the continuity. Through the creative process Poza plays at intertwining, wrapping, unraveling and weaving an extremely delicate poetic border. A poeticization that is born from the link between manual art and visual art.

  • Date: 24 de January de 2024 - 10 de March de 2024
  • Location:Trafalgar, 70 Barcelona
  • Curators:Francesca Poza

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