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La Eterna de Patricio Reig

11 de June de 2022 - 17 de July de 2022
galeria de arte en barcelona 002 Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona La Eterna de Patricio Reig

The basis of this work in progression is a constant revision of the ways of doing, of seeing and understanding the figure of the woman. This series, which already began a few years ago, approached in a different way (in terms of technique) does not cease to raise questions and suggest proposals. Photography as a link and as a solution is proposed as part of the content but not as an end in itself. Currently the series has incorporated color elements that serve as triggers for the tension of the piece. All the papers are the product of an intuitive search for a material capable of transmitting a specific atmosphere anchored in the present, but with a strong appreciation of the past. Documents, letters, envelopes… “La eterna” is therefore a series without an apparent end.

Patricio Reig

  • Date: 11 de June de 2022 - 17 de July de 2022
  • Location:Pigment Gallery, Trafalgar 70, 08010 Barcelona
  • Curators:Patricio Reig

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