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23 de February de 2023 - 19 de March de 2023
JMT El silenci i la llum 2022 140x130 cm Oil on linen 1 Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona EL SILENCI I ELS DIES

Silence and its absence, noise and sound, the timbre or vibration of things, all of this is an intrinsic part of our human experience, like breathing, heartbeat, or gravity itself that anchors us in this world. The author, Jordi Martoranno, presents us with a work with the aim of approaching some concepts, in which the visitor catches a light more than an intuition, a call more than a perception, silence more than knowledge and the intellect.

  • Date: 23 de February de 2023 - 19 de March de 2023
  • Location:Trafalgar 70, 08010, Barcelona
  • Curators:Jordi Martoranno

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