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20 de March de 2024 - 24 de April de 2024
WhatsApp Image 2024 03 21 at 11.37.23 5 Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona Constel·lacions

The Chilean artist and photographer works on his works in two dimensions and formats that make up the entire work.

The initial works, in small format made on paper, take on a new dimension and meaning when Silva transfers them to a larger format through photography. Here the change is not only in size, but it converts the piece into another, subjecting it to changes in material, texture and finish, which consequently also represents a change in perception on the part of the viewer.

In Constel•lacions dualities appear such as up-down, far-near, small-large. In the works that make up the exhibition you can see elements such as exposed nature, houses, flowers, gardens, constellations, pastures or the mountain range as geographical beauty and barrier natural.

The constellations that give the exhibition its title are, in the artist’s words, the appropriate image to try to explain what is not seen and what man describes by marking the sky with imaginary lines.

  • Date: 20 de March de 2024 - 24 de April de 2024
  • Location:Trafalgar 70
  • Curators:Víctor Silva

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