AMG Same kids as yesterday 1 2022 177x152 cm Acrylic pastels pencils and markers on cotton canvas Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona Ana Monsó

Ana Monsó

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Ana Monsó

Barcelona, 1998

Her work is an ode to the latent childish innocence, which was once so familiar to all of us. An ode to the joyful inner child that we all carry inside. Innocence, naivety, curiosity, adventure, purity and joy. Ana tries to reinterpret the world without rules and without limits, as a child would do before social judgment and established norms are imposed on him. An exploration of the abandonment of the formal structure. Bringing the inner artist to the surface and promoting creativity unbridled by limitations, Ana’s work is both innocent and slightly absurd.

Ana Monsó turns her gaze to the history of art to reread great artists such as Klimt or Goya and reinterprets them from the position that her youth gives her, being able to gather a double perspective: on the one hand, the aesthetic and conceptual memory developed by male artists where the woman’s body is sacralized or considered an object of desire; and secondly, the feminist thought, already imprinted in the DNA of her time, where she addresses the problem of the female body as a social construct.

Despite the clear youth of Ana Monsó (Barcelona, 1998), she defines herself as a multidisciplinary emerging artist whose practice conveys a spontaneous and emotional spirit, inspired by her childhood memories. Ana  studied Art and Design at Cambridge and shortly after Fashion Design at the University of Arts London, but she is largely self-taught. In 2021 she had her first solo exhibition at Pigment Gallery, who presented her for Art Nou as an emerging artist. During that year and the following, her works have been exhibited at art fairs in Europe. In June 2022 she presents her second exhibition called ‘Ode to Childhood’. She is currently one of the resident artists at the Piramidón contemporary art centre.

  • 2021 "La poética de la intimidad" - Pigment Gallery, Barcelona.
  • 2020 USA AL ART SHOW, ART ON PAPER - New York City
  • 2019 MADRID ESTAMPA Feria de Arte
  • 2019 KOREA KIAF Art Seoul
  • 2019 1019 TURKEY IC Contemparary Istanbul
  • 2019 AUSTRIA Art Bodensee
  • 2019 GRAN BRITAIN Draw Art London (Saatchi Gallery)
  • 2018 FRANCE Art Elyssée, Paris
  • 2018 AUSTRIA Art Bodensee
  • 2018 ZWITZERLAND Frame Art Basel
  • 2018 HOLLAND Kunst Rai Art, Amsterdam
  • 2018 SPAIN Arte Madrid, Feria de ALMONEDA (Madrid)
  • 2018 FRANCE Art Paris (au Grand palais), Lylle Art Fair
  • 2018 USA AL ART SHOW (Venice, California), Art on Paper (New York City)
  • 2017 SPAIN Almodena Fair Madrid
  • 2017 GERMANY Affordable Art Fair Hamburg
  • 2017 USA Context Art Fair – Miami
  • 2017 FRANCE Art Elyssée, Paris, ST-ART European Art Fair, Strasbourg
  • 2017 BELGIUM Eurantica (Brussels, Namur)



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