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Failed Harmony

10 de December de 2022 - 15 de January de 2023
IMG 0472 Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona Failed Harmony

David Morago’s artwork revolves around nature, approaching his compositions as if they belonged to a botanical and fauna scientific cabinet. In this exhibition, labelled Fail Harmony, large-format works of animals and vegetation coexist, accompanied by smaller-sized drawings. The techniques used are acrylic and graphite, where black and white predominate, and the backgrounds are full of handwritten annotations with occasional touches of colour that evoke old pictures from a field notebook.

David Morago’s work captures highly realistic nature and fauna, color and life in a very personal way, presenting the viewer with curiosities through a nature camera and the wonders of objects from the natural world.


  • Date: 10 de December de 2022 - 15 de January de 2023
  • Location:Trafalgar 70, 08010, Barcelona
  • Curators:David Morago

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