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22 de December de 2022 - 15 de January de 2023
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Pigment Gallery is pleased to present the new solo exhibition of the artist LACO2, ‘Architrated’, a series of drawings and paintings, sometimes even animations, made with different techniques on an old construction treaty book, forgotten in the artist’s bookshelf. In ‘Arquitratado’ the verb of art steps on the feet of architecture looking for a truce, a compromise, a balance of signs, and an expression of catharsis.

LACO2 is the pseudonym of Gianfranco La Cognata, an Italian architect who has lived and worked in Barcelona since 1996. In 2002 he founded his own office, where he tackles projects of different types and scales. Since 2018 his passion for art has gained more prominence in his life, dedicating a large part of his time to researching and teaching different techniques and pictorial languages.

  • Date: 22 de December de 2022 - 15 de January de 2023
  • Curators:LACO2

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