PC C 2 2021 80x100 cm Mixed media on patinated plaster on canvas Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona Penélope Clot

Penélope Clot


Penélope Clot

Barcelona, 1975

Penélope was born in Barcelona in 1975. She started in the art world with studies related to Japanese lacquer (2000-2001) and engraving (2002-2003) at the Massana school. Between 2005 -2006 she studied drawing and perspective at the Da Vinci school in Barcelona.

Penélope defines herself as self-taught by definition and conviction: “When you are passionate about something, it makes you restless and is the driving force of your life, you can only train constantly. Searching and experimenting are implicit in the word training”.

She is a passionate artist, trained in various artistic disciplines, who finds her inspiration by spending most of her time outdoors, where she absorbs shapes, colors and textures. Upon returning to her studio, she records these impressions. A meticulous, silent work, of superimposed layers, transparencies and harmonious glazes.

She works in parallel on two lines. One called Vínculos, pure matter, where in the process of work, her soul is left disturbed. And the other one is called Identities, where she seeks and finds balance. Links and Identities, are two ways of finding and representing our essence, the place that inhabits us and the place we inhabit, a continuous present in perfect union.

  • 2021 "Vínculos y Diálogos" Gallery Ijoo. South Korea.

  • 2020 "Vínculos y Diálogos ". Espai Miramar. Pigment Gallery. Barcelona.

  • 2022-La Art Show. Los Angeles.
  • 2022-Hwarang Art Festival -Gallery Ijoo-South Korea.
  • 2021-Dualidades. Pigment Gallery. Barcelona.
  • 2021-Citybank Los Angeles. Los Ángeles.
  • 2021-ArtBusan. South Korea.
  • 2021-Virtual Contemporary Istambul.
  • 2020- Col·lectiva Pigment Gallery Espai Miramar, Barcelona.
  • 2016- Exposició col·lectiva – Centre d’Art. Puigcerdà



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