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REBEL No06 Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona Marta Fàbregas

Marta Fàbregas

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Marta Fàbregas

Barcelona, 1974

Anything that has to do with image is part of Marta Fàbregas’ DNA. She has always felt passionate about the visual language, and that’s why she chose to devote herself to photography, her passion, which allows her to combine both her artistic and entrepreneurial sides.

Her main talent is knowing how to capture, in a fast and natural way, the beauty in the things that surround her. That’s where the power of her work comes from. She can give brightness and sparkle to everything that passes through her lenses. Undoubtedly, empathy, implication and creativity are what gives every project in which she engages a power and a character that makes it special and unique.

She was born in Barcelona on April 12th, 1974, and studied Photography at IEFC (Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya).

She worked in several photo studios in Barcelona and, in 1998, co-founded Estudi La Fotogràfica  with the also photographer Marc Vidal.

From then on, she has been mainly devoted to her studio, where she developed personal and artistic work, along with commissions from museums, businesses, and private clients. She also teaches classes, workshops and seminars. Her work is part of the private collection of the Lluis Bassat Foundation and the Artemizia Foundation. She co-directed the first edition of the photography festival “Luminic”, which took place in Sant Cugat during the spring of 2019. She is part of the directive team of the congress “Líder imperfecto” (imperfect leader) as “Expert in Art and Enterprise”. Since 2019 she has actively worked with the foundation SETBA teaching workshops in favor of women (Foundation dedicated to social action through art), and is currently the President of a women’s entrepreneurs’ network, Xarxa de Dones Emprenedores of Sant Cugat (XDESC), in the city where she lives.

  • 2022 Pigment Gallery, Barcelona: “ReBeladas”
  • 2021 Festival Mitgeres, Valls: Acción mural en las fachadas de un edificio en el centro de la ciudad
  • 2021 Galeria Anquin’s, Reus: “Intervención mural en el Casal de Mujeres, dentro del programa del 8M”
  • 2021 Galería Anquin’s, Reus: “Identidades”
  • 2020 Exposición Online: "Off 2020" (PHotoESPAÑA)
  • 2020 Festival InCadaqués, Gerona: Acción mural en las fachadas de la ciudad
  • 2020 Acción Mural en Ciutat Vella, Fundación Setba: “Muses”
  • 2020 Exposición en Pigment Gallery de Palma de Mallorca
  • 2019 Barcelona Gallery Weekend, Pigment Gallery, Barcelona: "Universos en suspensión”
  • 2019 Ariel Jackob Galerie, Paris: “Colonized”
  • 2019 Revela’t Festival, Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona: Intervención mural en la fachada de la Iglesia.
  • 2019 Pigment Gallery, Barcelona: “Colonized”
  • 2017 Exposición "Trobades en una cadira" en la Galería Pigment Gallery, Barcelona
  • 2016 Galería Montcada, Barcelona: "Colonized"
  • 2016 La Fotogràfica, Barcelona: "Colonitzades"
  • 2015 Exposición " Barcelona" en la Galeria Barcelona.
  • 2015 Exposición " You are Here" en la Galería Mito
  • 2014 Exposición " Pepe Rubianes" en la Galeria Barcelona La Fotográfica
  • 2010 Exposición “Trobades en una Cadira” en la Galería Hartman, Barcelona
  • 2010 Exposición “Les cares del Romea” en el Teatre Romea de Barcelona
  • 2012 Exposición “Next Station: Digipovera” en la sede de La Fotográfica a Barcelona
  • 2003 Exposición ”Blanc sobre Blanc” en la sede de La Fotográfica
  • 2021 Honorable mention in the awards “Impulsa Cultura” of the Fundació Catalunya Cultura, for the project “Traspassant l’Objectiu” of the Fundació Setba
  • 1997 Shortlisted for the VIII Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (Torino, Italy)

  • 1994 Secondary b/w award Fotomercè 94

  • 1995 Second Prize b/w Fotomercè 95



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