Juan Miguel Quiñones

Quiñones is a self-taught artist who began in the field of restoration, an approach that helped him to understand the know-how of the old masters, learning all the traditional techniques of stone carving developed from ancient Rome to the Renaissance. An observer and connoisseur of the popular, Quiñones combines his particular sense of humor with the use of precious stones, the most refined technical skill and a profound knowledge of the materials he works with to create trompe l’oeil works that break down the barrier between the everyday object and the work of art.

Quiñones applies his work in stone to postmodern languages and themes, present urban languages that swing between illusion and memory and allows him to delve into antagonistic concepts such as reality, fiction, artifice or verisimilitude. Consciously, his works elude a direct or closed interpretation, forcing the viewer to project his or her own memories. Very rich in meanings, the evocative object and the material-conceptual trompe l’oeil are the most important material-conceptual. The references used go beyond the recurrent themes of urban art, hence the enormous complexity of Quiñones’ work. As iconic skateboards or surfboards represent elements detonated from evocation. from evocation. The warm afternoons of southern Spain, from El Palmar to Estepona. But they are also signs of the end of pubescent innocence and the beginning of a new period, adolescence, in which human beings are reluctant to leave forever the the domains of playfulness.

2022 Añoro. Delimbo Gallery Sevilla, Spain.
2022 Urvanity Art Fair. Madrid – Solo project
2021 Urvanity Art Fair, Madrid – Solo Project
2018 Con la comida no se juega, Galería Maior, Pollença, Mallorca.
2018 Swab Art Fair, Barcelona – Solo Project, Pantocratus Gallery
2017 Con la comida no se juega, Museo de Arte de la Diputación (MAD) de Antequera, Málaga.
2013 Juan Miguel Quiñones. Mis trabajos, Casa de la Juventud. Área de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Estepona, Málaga.

2020 Introducing Arthur Timothy and Juan Miguel Quinones, Ronchini Gallery, London, UK
2019 DRACULA X DRACULA – Un proyecto de Juan Miguel Quiñones, CAC Málaga.
2019 DRACULA X DRACULA – Un proyecto de Juan Miguel Quiñones Fundación Valentin de Madariaga, Sevilla.
2019 Cuentos (con la fotógrafa brasileña Flávia Junqueira), Reiners Contemporary Art, Marbella, Málaga.
2015 We Love Pop, Centro Cultural Cortijo de Miraflores, Ayuntamiento de Marbella, Málaga.

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