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Gerard Fernández Rico

Gerard Fernández Rico

Gerard Fernández Rico

Barcelona, 1977

Over the years Gerard has implemented different materials from our everyday environment in his works. Along the way, he has worked with polymers (liquids/solids), thermal blankets, tarpaulins , construction structures (scaffolding), automotive industry materials, industrial lighting (fluorescent and spotlights), among others. Fernández Rico’s process includes in most occasions, the reformulation of the material, sometimes through its manipulation, intervention, or its disposition in an exhibition context; by adding the necessary elements he achieves its complete transfiguration into an artistic work.

This time-perpetuated work methodology is a daily challenge in the studio. Creating a coherent and recognizable line over time.

The viewer’s confrontation with an artistic object made with techniques and materials from other industries offers a personal interpretation of our context. Detecting the proposed transfiguration and inviting us to reflect on our environment and the possibilities it offers us beyond the commonly accepted ones; and the way in which each one of us interacts with it.

  • 2019 Kreisler Gallery. Madrid, Spain
  • 2017 100 Kubik Gallery. Köln, Germany
  • 2016 Kreisler Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
  • 2015 “VolART” Art Space. “Vila Casas Foundation”. Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2015 Joan Planellas Gallery. Tossa de Mar, Spain.
  • 2013 Kreisler Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
  • 2013 3 Punts Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2010 Kreisler Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
  • 2009 Joan Planellas Gallery. Tossa de Mar, Spain.
  • 2009 Paqui Delgado Gallery. Sant Sadurni d'Anoia, Spain. 2007 Carme Espinet Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2022. Best catalan artist. "Vila Casas Foundation" SWAB Art Fair.
  • 2016 Finalista. “Vila Casas Foundation” Painting award.
  • 2013 Seleccionado “Vila Casas Foundation” Painting award.
  • 2010 Seleccionado "Honda La Garriga" Painting award.
  • 2010 Finalist. “Vila Casas Foundation” Painting award.
  • 2006 Seleccionado "Escaldes-Engordany" Painting award.
  • 2006 Seleccionado "Climent Muncunill Roca"Painting award. 2006 "Calassans" Painting award.
  • 2006 Seleccionado "Ciutat de Vilafranca" Painting award.
  • 2006 Seleccionado "Vila de Torredembarra" Painting award.
  • 2005 Seleccionado "Menarini" Painting award.
  • 2002 Seleccionado "Ciutat de Igualada” Painting award.



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