Francesca Poza

Francesca Poza’s work is always the fruit of a double movement, moving inward and outward simultaneously. The action that shapes the work also corresponds to a modification of the intimate space, in such a way that the external and the internal are mutually shaped. This uninterrupted dialogue gives rise to its hybrid nature.

The interaction woven in a poetic border, extremely delicate and daring at the same time, with paper as material and thread as symbol. A thread that is epiphany and metaphor of the fragile, which, when braided, becomes strong, becomes a dense, resistant texture. As it also happens with the word, the text.

The subtlety of the thread organizes the time, the link, the continuity and the rhythm of the fragments of literature without reading. That Ariadne’s thread that guides the memory within the labyrinth that, sometimes, in the making and unmaking of the plot, with fidelity to the doubt and the expectation of the unexpected, resurfaces. Spinning, intertwining, wrapping, fitting the pieces together, in this cyclical movement the game of communication develops.

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