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Dominica Sánchez

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Dominica Sánchez

Barcelona, 1945

Born in Barcelona in 1945, Dominica Sanchez has a long trajectory of exhibitions, mainly in Paris and the United States.

The drawings, generally on large format paper sometimes stained with pigments, are personal observations of a natural world, marked by a dialogue between the fragile and ephemeral and the musculature of volume. The play of light curves, traced with pencil, and the dense and opaque geometries that mark her drawings creates a balanced space that Maria Lluïsa Borràs described as an “interior landscape, the only genre that has contributed to painting in the last century: a painting that describes emotions, sensations, the painter’s mood without going into reality and, far from reproducing what the eyes see, it is based exclusively on pictorial elements, with form, line, structure, and color”.

Dominica Sanchez has spent many years perfecting this pictorial language, whose simplicity belies the depth of emotions that the drawings carry, and it is important to emphasize that they are not sketches for the sculptures, but works that are properly independent, made with an individualized language that they share with the sculptures. But it is drawing that eventually led her to discover the possibilities of the third dimension.

Starting with cardboard forms that she cuts and folds until she is satisfied with the result, Sánchez then transfers them to thin iron plates that she manipulates with folds, curves and welds with surprising results that recall the work of Oteiza, Nicholson or González. Heirs to a long tradition of constructivist sculpture that claims a position against carving and modeling, Dominica Sanchez’s sculptures are of an austere and elegant abstraction that, despite their intimate scale, evoke a great monumentality.

  • 2022 "Pintura, dibuix i escultura dels anys 2000". Artur Ramon Espai d’Art, Barcelona.
  • 2020 Galería Marita Segovia, individual, Madrid. (Spain).
  • 2017 Dominica Sánchez. Perfils d’ombra, dibujos y esculturas. Comisario: Josep Casamartina y Parassols. Ajuntament de Calella. (Spain)
  • 2016 Exposición dibujos Galeria Dieu moviment creatiu, Cadaques. (Spain)
  • 2015 Galería Marita Segovia, Madrid. (Spain)
  • 2014 Artur Ramon Contemporaneo, Barcelona. (Spain)
  • 2013 Galería Balaguer, Barcelona (Spain).
  • 2010 Michael Dunev Art Projects, Torroella de Montgrí, Girona, dibujos y escultura (Spain).
  • 2009 Drawings and sculptures. Inauguración Museo M.A.C. Cerdanyola, Barcelona (Spain).
  • 2009 Cartel “XXII Cerdanyola Blues” y 30 monotipos editados por el Museu d´Art de Cerdanyola en motivo del XXII Festival Internacional de Blues de Cerdanyola.
  • 2008 Prints made at the Tinta Invisible workshop. Barcelona, Taller Tinta Invisible, Monotipos (Spain).
  • 2007 Artur Ramon Contemporaneo, Barcelona. (Spain)
  • 2005 Arte Cité-Caroline Dimnik, Paris. (France)
  • 1999 Galeria Astarté, Madrid. (Spain)
  • 1994 Jacques Ghul Gallery, Montreux. (Suiza)
  • 1993 Scott Alan Gallery, New York. (EE.UU.)
  • 1992 Adriana Schmidt Gallery, Stuttgart. (Germany)
  • 1991 Adriana Schmidt Gallery, Cologne. (Germany)
  • 1991 Denise Levy Gallery, Espace Fürstenberg, Paris. (France)
  • 1989 Norai Gallery, Pollença. (Spain)
  • 1989 Galeria Tom Maddock , Barcelona. (Spain)
  • 1985 Galeria Tertre, Mataró. (Spain)
  • 1983 Galeria Cap i Cua , Canet de Mar. (Spain)
  • 1981 Espacio de Cultura “La Caixa”, Calella. (Spain)
  • Adquisición de una escultura para la Col·lecció Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. Museu de Cerdanyola.
  • 12 sculptures made by Banco de Sabadell Foundation for the 12th edition of the Biomedical Research Awards
  • Eusebio Diaz Morera-Marta Ventós, Barcelona
  • Hotel Sant Francesc, Palma de Mallorca
  • Artur Ramón Art, Barcelona
  • Marianne Mathieu, París
  • Michael Martin, San Francisco, EEUU
  • Joan Vail Thorne / Jack Thorne III, N.Y., EEUU
  • Can Mario Fundacio Vilacasas
  • Museo de Arte Moderno y Instituto Nac. de Bellas Artes, CONACULTA–INBA, México
  • Museo Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona.
  • Colección Litexco, Barcelona
  • Colección Banc Sabadell
  • Museu D´art de Cerdanyola M.A.C (Can Domènech)
  • Colección Ernesto Ventós
  • Colección Denise Levy, Paris
  • Colección Hotel Majestic, Barcelona
  • Colección Dominique Haim Chanin N.Y., EEUU
  • Colección Gilles Gobin, París



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