Diego Ferrari

Argentina, 1965

Diego Ferrari’s photographic work investigates the relationship between the human scale and the natural environment. Ferrari is interested in photography as performance and creates each image using real materials, often attached to his body, making incisions in the landscape using ribbons, plastic, local natural materials and his own ingenuity.

The images are seductive and provocative. Each photograph is an enigma of precision. He uses the four natural elements to create the image, whether he is drawing with wind and air, using plastic, or drawing lines across the ancient basalt of the Cap de Creus peninsula in northern Catalonia, or floating golden orbs hovering over an apparent desert. These images are about the structure of production, consumption and disposal, and how we are all caught in the web of relationships between them.

Ultimately, Ferrari’s work explores how we “read” landscapes in the Anthropocene era, when the human footprint is visible everywhere in the natural world. His work seeks to restore the power of the earth, when measured against our human dimensions reaching a mathematical sublime about scale, magnitude and ultimately infinity.

  • 2021 Pigment Gallery, Barcelona. Espacio en el Centro: London 1994-2007.
  • 2019 Cities of Light: Barcelona coorganizó Diego Ferrari, Jean McNeil y Laura Cuch, Urban Photographers Association (UPA) / Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya Barcelona, ​​Kingston University, Reino Unido y Elisava University, Barcelona.
  • 2018 The Peltz Gallery, WC1 London. Día por noche: paisaje de Walter Benjamin. Exposición multimedia de Diego Ferrari, Kingston University y Jean McNeil, University of East Anglia.
  • 2017 Urban Lab 17 Ciudad de Tallin, Estonia. Organizado y comisariado por Urbiquity.
  • 2017 Trazando el UrbanPhotoFest invisible – Encuentros urbanos, CARTOGRAFÍAS
  • 2017 Butterfly Eye Diego Ferrari en colaboración con Matei Mitrache, como parte del programa International Annual Urban Encounters, Tate Britain.
  • 2016 Fotografía, Arte y Performatividad, Common Ground, Volumen 1: Discursos – Escuela de Arquitectura Northeastern University. College of Art, Media and Design, Boston, USA
  • 2016 “London Space at the Centre” como parte de Urban Memories, Urban Photographer Association.
  • 2015 ‘Port – Streets of the World ‘, group exhibition curated by the Urban Photographers Association, exhibited at W83 gallery in New York, USA, AND at The Folio Club in Barcelona and 71st Gallery in London.
  • 2015 Urban Biotopes, publication of “Urban Habitat II and III”, for the Berlin-based international program and platform financed by the European Union’s culture fund.
  • 2014 “Fête Worse Than Death”, Red Gallery / Herrick Gallery, London.
  • 2014 Solo exhibition, Milan (MIA) International Art and Photography Fair of Milan, Italy. Represented by Gasket Gallery – United Kingdom.
  • 2013 ACVIC Center D’arts Contemporanies, ‘Sota L’ombra de L’optimisme’, Barcelona
  • 2013 Solo exhibition ‘Urban Habitat II’ OKK / raum29, Berlin, in collaboration with Lluis Andreu Oliver, Puk a Malta – Kingz of Kiez and Kiez Kultur Netz Berlin, Germany.
  • 2013 “Señales y diálogos”. Fundación Vila Casas en colaboración con el Máster en Diseño y Fotografía Elisava, Barcelona.
  • 2012 Encuentros urbanos en la Tate Britain. Una serie anual de debates públicos y seminarios sobre fotografía y la ciudad, en colaboración con Goldsmiths College y Kingston University.
  • 2011 Wide Angle: Photography as Public Practice, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • 2010 Solo exhibition, OKK / raum29, in collaboration with Urban Dialogues, Berlin, Germany.
  • 2006 “Nederland 1”. Curator Tiong Ang, Museum Giuda, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • 2005 Solo exhibition organized by Architecture Review and supported by the British Council in collaboration with the Union of Romanian Architects, Bucharest, Romania.
  • 2001 Mark Jason Gallery, London.
  • 2000 Exposición individual, mes húngaro de la fotografía 2000, Studio Gallery, Budapest. Financiado por el British Council.

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