DC T.C.I.N.Y. 2017 100x48cm Oil on wood WEB Pigment Gallery Galería de Arte en Barcelona Daniel Cuervo

Daniel Cuervo

DC_BCN desde el mar II_2014_33x120cm_Oil on wood

Daniel Cuervo

Pravia, Asturias 1972

In 1990 he enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where he still lives today.

Graduated in 1995, he belongs to a generation of painters marked by the anthological exhibition of Antonio López at the Reina Sofía Museum in 1992. And later by the American hyperrealists, mainly Davis Cone and Richard Estas.

The main theme of all his work is the urban landscape, both day and night. Barcelona, his home city, is the most represented in his works, but also others, such as Madrid, Pamplona and San Sebastian, where he held solo exhibitions in the first decade of this century. In 2010, as a result of the economic crisis of 2008, he embarked on a path of internationalization with different galleries, exhibiting and painting in metropolises such as London, Paris and New York.

A landscape vision, a faithful reflection of urban reality, which shows the underlying rhythms of contemporary life.

He is currently represented by Pigmet Gallery in BCN and Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts in NY.

  • 2019 “City Scenes”. Pigment Gallery (Barcelona)
  • 2014 “Barcelona desde el mar”. Sala Parés (Barcelona)
  • 2011 “Barcelona, la nit”. Sala Parés (Barcelona)
  • 2008 “Barcelona: Paisajes Urbanos”. Artur Ramón Art Contemporani (Barcelona)
  • 2006 Galería Juan Amiano (Pamplona)
  • 2004 Galería 18 (Barcelona)
  • 2003 Galería Juan Amiano
  • 2001 Galería MAES (Madrid)
  • 2000 Galería Ida Senacherribbo (Barcelona)
  • 1998 Sala de Arte Lola anglada (Barcelona)
  • 2019 “Summer show 2019”. Plusone Gallery (London)
  • 2018 “Hyperrealism”. Museu del Tabac (Andorra)
  • 2017 “Winter show 2017”. Plusone Gallery (London)
  • 2017 “Autum show 2017”. Plusone Gallery (London)
  • 2016 “Winter show 2016”. Plusone Gallery (London)
  • 2015 “20/21 International Art Fair 2015”. Royal College of Art Kesingtone Gore. (London)
  • 2015 “Figurativas 2015”. MEAM (Museu Europeu d’Art Modern, Barcelona)
  • 2015 “Urban Projects”. El Quatre Galería de Arte (Barcelona)
  • 2015 “Winter show 2015”. Plusone Gallery (London)
  • 2014 “Thauromachies Architectures”. La Cave Gallery (Geneve, Switzerland)
  • 2013 “Realismo 13”. Santiago Echeberría Galería de Arte (Madrid)
  • 2012 Feria Art Élysées, Paris
  • 2012 “Realismo 12”. Santiago Echeberría Galería de Arte
  • 2011 “Spirit Of Barcelona”. Messum’s Gallery, (London)
  • 2011 ST-ART European Contemporary Art Fair. (Strasbourg)
  • 2010 “Realismo 10”. Santiago Echeberría Galería de Arte
  • 2009 “Realismo 09”. Santiago Echeberría Galería de Arte
  • 2008 “Figuració i abstracció:diàlegs”.Artur Ramon Art Contemporani
  • Museo Can Framis. Barcelona.
  • Museo de Arte Moderno de Tarragona.
  • Fundación Banc Sabadell.
  • Diputación de Segovia.
  • Ayuntamiento de Buñol.
  • Ayuntamiento de Mojácar.



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