Carla Tarruella

Barcelona, 1966

Expressionist-abstract painter with influences from artists such as Klee, Munch, Goya, Turner, Staël or Xingjian and traditional Chinese painting.

Her works are characterized by an absence of symbolism and a search for suggestion through the chromatic range, shapes, textures and shades to create a visual poetry that suggests individuality and reflection.

Throughout her career she has been experimenting with multiple techniques and materials, connecting with diverse currents. Her work conveys diverse emotions, sometimes provocative, sometimes of stillness and peace, contrasting order and disorder, geometry and abstraction, sometimes combining it with human figures and faces, to suggest the theme of the individual versus the entity.

  • 2002 Barcelona, Galería Miguel Alzueta.
  • 2003 Barcelona, Corium Casa.
  • 2004 Barcelona, Galería Alejandro Sales.
  • 2006 Torroella de Montgrí, Gerona, Fundación Vila Casas.
  • 2006 Barcelona Galería Miquel Alzueta.
  • 2008 Madrid, Galería Rayuela.
  • 2011 Barcelona, N2 Galería.
  • 2013 Barcelona, Espais Volart Fundación Vila Casas.
  • 2006 Barcelona, Galería Harman.
  • 2006 Palafrugell, Gerona, Son Espace Gallery.
  • 2006 Barcelona, Galería del Angels.
  • 2007 Múnich, Alemania, Arge Imo.
  • 2007 Barcelona, FAD (Fomento de las Artes Decorativas).
  • 2011 Libro de Autor con Prologo Luis Racionero. Galería N2.
  • 2013 Barcelona Me llaman Soledad. Fundación Vila Casas.

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