The Poetics of Intimacy by Ana Monsó

The Poetics of Intimacy

Ana Monsó

From June 22 to September 4, 2021

Ana Monsó was born in Barcelona in 1998. She is a young multidisciplinary artist who has come to have a great attraction towards the artistic world due to the influence of her architect father and her artist mother. At the age of 18 she studied art and design at Cambridge and in the same year she was selected to study Fashion Design at the University of the Arts London (UAL). At the end of her studies in June 2020, she returned to live in Barcelona and since then she has been making the works that we will see in her exhibition. At her young age, she has already attracted the attention of collectors such as the Bennett Collection of Figurative Artists, who acquired a work of hers months ago that can be seen on display at Pigment.

"The poetics of intimacy" exhibits fifteen paintings made with acrylic, pastel and pencil on canvas, as well as the projection of a performance that accompanies the project. Ana creates her characters with the desire to guarantee them a safe place to be themselves, she represents them in such a way that the bodies are slightly intuited and many of the faces are unrecognizable. Her claim is to free them from the ego or identity as a framework that hides and restricts the intimate truth.

Ana Monsó turns her gaze to the history of art to reread great artists such as Klimt or Goya, being able to gather a double perspective: on the one hand, the aesthetic and conceptual memory developed by male artists where the female body is sacralized or considered an object of desire; and, secondly, feminist thought, already imprinted in the DNA of her time, where she addresses the problem of the female body as a social construction.


Pigment Gallery
Trafalgar 70
08010 Barcelona

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