Tendencias del Mercado del Arte – Opening of Pigment Gallery Paris

Tendencias del Mercado del Arte

From Barcelona to Paris

Printed edition of December 2021.

Review written by Àlex León about the opening of the gallery in Paris and the inaugural exhibition "From Barcelona to Paris".

León writes: "Pigment Gallery, which was born in Barcelona in 2016 under the direction of Ferran Josa, opens its headquarters in Paris together with three native partners who come from the world of art, cinema and theater. The inaugural exhibition entitled De Barcelone à Paris : Protrait d'une galerie is nourished by works by all the artists - 21 are represented - who have been exhibited in the last five years at its headquarters in Barcelona, ​​where it opted for emerging Spanish creators alongside artists with more extensive careers The Barcelona gallery has shown its eclecticism with a philosophy that tries to spread contemporary art with a line in which modern figuration and the purest abstraction coexist."