Rosa Galindo – This is not a garden

This is not a garden

Rosa Galindo

From December 19, 2018 to January 20, 2019

Rosa Galindo offers us a tour of the unknown territories of the soul. she has prepared an authentic emotional landscape that is revealed as a “no garden”: a negation that paradoxically it opens the door to a whole display of affirmations, in the sense that nothing has been excluded. From ordered to chaotic, the reasonable or the wild, the true or the imperfect. She has fertilized a land where seize freedom, where opposites grow that complement each other, where time fertilizes the union between all thoughts, subjectivities and objects. Her "no garden" is full of sensations, experiences, memories,
joys, sorrows, dreams and longings that I do not know can verbalize or specify more than in abstract colors and shapes. rose needs go through the skin of things, people and figurative facts to find the paths of the transcendental that she connects with the mysteries of life.

She balances the tension between mundane matter and the subtle essence of her sensitivity to through a limited emotional abstract expressionist language, somehow, by the use of methacrylate. With the first she unleashes a rebellion of colors and forms with which she dives through the chaos of the unconscious, the veiled and irrational of being human; however, the clean and polished surface of the methacrylate has contributed to calm this torrent.


Palacio Riquer Sabaté
Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc, 4
08002 Barcelona

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