Penélope Clot
Barcelona 1975 (Spain)

Born in Barcelona, 1975. She studied several curses in La Massana, Barcelona, such as a class in Japanese Lacquer Technique (2000-2001) and an etching class (2002-2003). A few years later, she studied drawing and perspective at the Da Vinci School in Barcelona.

She defines herself as a self-taught artist in definition and conviction. She states: “When you find your passion, it moves you and it becomes the driving force in your life so the only thing
you can do is keep on whit your constant training in that field. The words research and experimentation have knowledge implicit on them”

She is a passionate artist that has shaped in many disciplines. She finds her inspiration spending most of the time outdoors, where she can imbue herself by shapes, forms, colours and textures. Once she is back at her studio, she goes through those impressions and captures them in her works. It is a meticulous and silent work, with overlap layers of material, and harmonious slides.

Penélope Clot works in two different ways at the same time. She has a series of works called Vínculos, based in pure matter where the working process of her soul end up shacked and disturbed. The other series of works is Identities, space where she searches and finds balance. Vinculos and Identidades, display two ways of finding and expressing our essence, the place we live and those things that live within us, a present continuum in a perfect union.