Juan Escudero
Bilbao, 1966 (Spain)

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country. 1991. Painting Specialty.

He left painting in 1993 when creating a 3D Animation company.

In 1999 he moved to Barcelona. In 2007 he returned to Art through Drawing and in 2017 he dedicates to Engraving.

To draw, I put as a condition that all the marks made are visible and no correction is made. I apply a system in which a first line prefigures the back line and if an irregularity occurs, it is transmitted on the next line.

Similar processes occur in nature so that these a posteriori drawings connect with familiar patterns and shapes such as surfaces, tissues, fluids, orography, waves, etc.

The basic idea for drawing is not to represent something but to activate a process.

It is akin to automatic drawings that we unconsciously make when talking on the phone.

A drawing like a musical improvisation, an automatic writing, a clear traffic for the present without correcting anything.

I see the matrix once finished with the size of the drawing already invariable as platonically “out of time”. The idea frozen. Then the stamping processes would be the movement, the dynamic time that crosses the plate with its wealth of life.