Jordi Martoranno
Girona, 1965

During the 2000s, Jordi Martoranno was interested in the relationships and connection that man establishes with Nature and the Cosmos. He uses references from pre-archaic cultures, but also contemporary thinkers. Later, he is interested in the origin and influence of symbols on culture and people's consciences.
Currently, he works on semiotic anthropology projects. It explores how and from where the shapes of symbols are generated, their origin and morphological properties, as well as their formal and conceptual evolution.
Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, he has made several artistic residencies in Paris, Toulouse, Ustka and New York.
He wins the painting prize of the Vila Casas Foundation in Barcelona and simultaneously the Girona Contemporary Art Center grants him a residency grant for the contemporary engraving project "watermarks-wood stamp", he also wins the exhibition competition travelers from the Girona Provincial Council with the exhibition project "Forms in correspondence" that was traveling throughout the province of Girona. In the 2000s, he won the Garriga Honda Greens (Arte Situations) painting award, as well as the Girona City Council Kreas Grant for artistic research.
Together with Adrià Puntí, he is awarded the Generalitat of Catalonia Plastic Arts Grant with the project “the curvature of the vertices”. In 2020, he won the Kreas scholarship for grants for artistic projects with the group of artists "the circle of conversation" with the exhibition INCIERTA VÍA to the rooms of the House of Culture of Girona and with the collaboration of Bòlit, Generalitat de Catalunya, Diputación de Girona and Girona City Council.