Dominica Sánchez
Barcelona, 1945 (Spain)

Born in Barcelona in 1945, Dominica Sánchez has a long history of exhibitions, mostly in Paris and the United States, but has relatively little exposure in her country.

Drawings, usually on large-format paper sometimes dyed with pigments, are personal observations of the natural world, marked by a dialogue between the fragile and the short-lived and the volume muscle.  The game between light curves, drawn in pencil, and the dense and opaque geometries that make their drawings creates a balanced space that Ms. Llu Mariasa Maria Borras described as "an inner landscape, the only genre that has contributed to painting in the last century:  A painting that describes the emotions, the feelings, the mood of the painter without resorting to reality and, by moving away from playing with what the eyes see, is based solely on real pictorial elements, shape and line, structure and color".

Dominica Sánchez took years to perfect this pictorial language, whose simplicity detracts from the depth of emotions involving drawings, and it is important to note that they are not sketches for sculptures, but strictly independent works made with an individualized language that they share with the sculptures.  It was precisely the drawing that eventually led to the discovery of the possibilities of the third dimension.

Beginning with the forms of cardboard that he cuts and folds until he likes the result, Sánchez imitates them in thin iron plates that he manipulates with folds, folds and welds, creating surprising results that remind of the work of Oteiza, Nicholson or González.  He inherited a long tradition of constructivist sculpture that claims a position against carving and modeling, the sculptures made by Dominica Sánchez have an austere and elegant abstraction that, despite its intimate scale, evokes a great monumentality.