Overexposed by Lorenzo Fernández

"Sobreexpuestas" de Lorenzo Fernández

Lorenzo Fernández

From November 6 to December 14, 2021

An artist is exposed to her public, a woman is exposed to stereotypes of the feminine, a girl is exposed to the psychosocial patterns of adults. These three dimensions of vulnerability are present in the 25 portraits of famous women, who died in violent and dark circumstances between 1920 and 2010. The same story repeated in 25 different women, actresses, singers, musicians, products of industrialization. ;n of the fame that has turned them into goddesses sacrificed to themselves. themselves and the myths of our culture.

These portraits of famous women, painted in 8X8 cm, work like imaginary Polaroids. In a fictitious moment, they compositionally make visible their conflicts between the girl she was and the adult who disappeared. with violence. In all cases, the image suggests an impossible motherhood, mothers from their own childhood. Suicides, accidents, unsolved murders, are the symbolic and physical violence produced by the overexposure of these women in their transformation into pop culture myths. Both old goddesses of the male gaze and victims of the worn-out models of the celebrity industry.

The formal resolution of these intimate hand-painted pieces function as trompe l'oeil of the contemporary, imitating the finishes of photographic post-production, which paradoxically recreate nineteenth-century environments where the portraitist reflects , like a game of mirrors, his own ghosts about childhood and the demolition of beauty.

Pedro Galván Lamet


Pigment Gallery
Trafalgar 70
08010 Barcelona


Exhibition finished