Metaphysics of Color by Anke Blaue

Metaphysics of Color

Anke Blaue

From December 16, 2021 to January 19, 2022

Worship never ends, that rhythmic that does not stop. The rumor is my slight, insubstantial, obstinate voice. I witness the place of creation, the place where the communion between being and absolute is consummated. The being is you, the absolute is the rest. Rest described by the word, words that fight from that moment to give birth to that consecration, discover the restless stage between the materiality of color, old fabrics, seams and the metaphysical of creation: composition, gradation, chance, intention. A restless stage that remains before me, a stage that oscillates between knowing and not knowing about adoration. Worship without idolatry. Worship as a submissive act and full delivery to the work. Silent work that once again occupies my whole being. All his being. The being of the one who observes opening himself without knowing it towards the truth that contains the beautiful. Open to the truth as acceptance. Get through the sentit just before the words. Any word that wants to explain the unspeakable: the effect of beauty on the being that meets her in the act of contemplation. In that imprecise place between the recognizable physical and the non-visible, perception is noticed, involuntary access to oneself. To you, to me who observe this last canvas absorbed.

Jaime de Sandoval. Text taken from the exhibition catalogue.


Pigment Gallery
Trafalgar 70
08010 Barcelona

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