Jordi Pintó at SOMA Seoul

The Scenery We Face, Our Daily Gaze

Jordi Pintó

From March 23 to July 25, 2021

Jordi Pintó participated in a collective exhibition organized by the SOMA museum (Seoul Olympic Museum of Arts) in the city of Seoul. The text of the exhibition wrote about the artist's work: "For its part, the work of Jordi Pintó (1968~), which represents the key word imagination, replaces the usual scenarios of our daily lives with imaginative utopias. The characters that Featured in his work are predominantly families and lovers who can be commonly seen in our daily lives, however, by boldly omitting their facial features and simplifying their overall forms, he becomes the setting for a different world, far removed from reality. He is describing the events of ordinary days, such as dinner with families, reunions with loved ones, and walks, but he also gives us pleasurable and happy experiences as if traveling through an imaginary world with warm colors, little backgrounds, realistic, and luminous skies."


Seoul Olympic Museum of Arts
424, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu
Seoul, Korea, 05540

Opening hours

Exhibition finished. To check the exhibition catalogue click here.