Pigment Miramar

Fall Group Exhibition

From September 22 to December 20, 2021 at Hotel Miramar

We start a new season with a group exhibition whose artists and works have been thought out for the feelings of nostalgia and loneliness that the change of season brings us and a chromatic range of reddish and yellow tones typical of the leaves of the trees that fall in the autumn. Javi Navarro once again exhibits with us his series Vacui, ponds, trees, olive trees, portrays and highlights the nostalgic emptiness in detailed landscapes with gouache on 6 x 6 cm paper. On the other hand, from the urban landscape, Alejandro Quincoces shows a New York under the snow and lonely roads. David Morago's Challenger captures in hyperrealism the ephemeral grandeur of the great space rocket that was destroyed a few minutes after taking off in 1986. Works like Jordi Martoranno's with a linear and original design adapt to any context, with a classic painting technique oil on canvas uses pure and intense colors such as garnet, blue, yellow. And Anke Blaue's color field paintings add a touch of natural beauty and vivid red-yellow luminosity to this exhibition.

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About Pigment Miramar

Exhibiting at the Hotel Miramar is a way to expand the presence of the gallery and our artists throughout the city of Barcelona. In addition, it allows us to invite new artists to exhibit with us, such as Ana Paúl, Pati Baztán, Rosanna Negre, among other artists who have been interested in working with us. Exhibiting in the facilities of the Hotel Miramar allows us to offer its clients an artistic experience as an additional service, and it is a way of offering alternative and attractive spaces in which the people of Barcelona can enjoy art and our local artists.

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