Space at Centre: London 1994 - 2007

Diego Ferrari

From September 15 to November 2, 2021

Space at the Centre: London 1994 – 2007 draws upon Diego Ferrari’s personal interest in the relationship between our perception of space and artistic practice. Working with a customized disposable 35mm camera which he created, with these images Ferrari’s work presents us with a re-envisaging of space and time in the form of lyrical narratives about memory, identity and space. They provide an insight into art, artists, urban geography and public art spaces of London at the height of its artistic power.

Ferrari’s use of film and analogue approaches in an age before digital capture and Photoshop is more than a technical innovation. Born in Argentina, Ferrari left the country with his family after the military coup in 1976 and settled in Barcelona. In 1987 he moved to London to take up a place on the prestigious BA Fine Art course at Goldsmiths College, where he was a contemporary of many of the major figures of the Young British Artists (YBAs) movement. He became a witness to and documenter of London’s startling transformation from a recession-battered city to a global cultural capital.

London’s extraordinary capacity for re-invention is reflected in Ferrari’s unique photographic method. Working largely before the advent of digital photography, Ferrari’s camera allowed him to gain manual control over the amount of film exposed. In the images, the usual photographic capture of single frame expands to create continuous space constructed by focus and perspective. A key inspiration for Ferrari’s vision is early works of conceptual art such as Marcel Duchamp’s Door, 11 rue Larrey, with its exploration of space as a site of transit and passage. Meanwhile Ferrari’s interest in artists’ studios shows the relationship between the production of art, the space of the artist and the artists themselves in moments of uncertainty, contemplation and creative change.

Pigment Gallery: Trafalgar 70, 08010, Barcelona.                                                                                                                      On view until November 2, 2021.  Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10 to 20 h. Saturday from 11-14 h and 16-20 h.