Bare skin by Manu vb Tintoré

Bare skin

Manu vb Tintoré

From March 4 to June 19, 2021

Pigment Gallery presents Pell nua, the new solo exhibition by Belgian-Catalan artist Manu vb Tintoré. The twenty paintings and a sculpture in the middle of the gallery represent the dialogue between the natural essence and the geometric essence of forms. It is a reflection on the mark that the human being leaves on his environment, a difficult and fragile balance between excess and the continuity of his presence. In his works, the confrontation between a primordial, original, leafy and almost virginal space is observed, together with a principle of order, represented by the axes and cartographic citations that seem to give meaning to a new order in the face of the apparent chaos of nature.

In the catalog of the Tintoré he explains: “I expose the sublime pleasure of controlling nature, that dreamy garden, that sacred space, our territorial templum…”. With his proposal he raises a series of questions about our ability to coexist with the environment and our future prospects: Is it not perhaps the materialization of a new beginning, a new zero time that would return us to a situation Is it original? The utopia of a second chance in the face of an uncertain future? A final exercise in awareness to finally achieve a harmonious relationship with our environment?

All the paintings on display belong to the latest series called Tales of the weather, made by the artist during the last year. They were made on paper, a familiar surface in the artist's work and on which he explores a new technique. Without resorting to collage or photography, the artist applies enamel paint to paper, which he spreads with an engraving tool and on which he applies other layers of paint. With this process he achieves a depth that makes it look like an aerial view of a forest. It is a very delicate work on paper, which even involves extracting and scraping layers to achieve very particular roughness and textures in his work.


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